Xilence ties into a price-performance philosophy with new products

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  Newsletter             Xilence ties into a price-performance philosophy with new products

Low RMA rates allow reasonably priced products and high quality

Hildesheim, April 14th 2015 - Xilence, specialist in cooling, power supplies and noise isolation for PCs and notebooks, showcased a new cooler series at CeBIT 2015. In its tenth year of existence, Xilence remains faithful to its ideals by positioning this new Performance C series cooler in the price-performance market with a clear focus towards system integrators, resellers and the replacement market. Last June this company from Hildesheim, brought the power supply series Performance A to the public. Shortly thereafter the company released the Performance C series power supplies, specially adapted to the needs of system integrators.

With its products, Xilence places special focus and consistent compliance to eco-standards. For example, all new power supplies adhere to the efficiency requirements of the Ecodesign Directive ErP 2014. At the same time Xilence products show an extremely low RMA rate. This is made possible by their complete quality control policy, which begins at the production sites. Xilence has long maintained an office in Taiwan, which, together with offices in China, takes care of quality assurance in those countries. By picking random samples, which are then reviewed in independent laboratories in Taiwan, along with further quality test upon arrival in Germany, Xilence assures the highest quality of its products. As a result, the RMA rate is less than one percent, which brings three great advantages. Xilences Managing Director Andreas Groneberg explains: “On one hand, this allows us to appraise lower prices for our products, on the other hand a low RMA rate allows for higher investments in the development of our products. At the same time, there are hardly any costs on the customer side associated with exchanging defective units.”

This approach is further strengthened by the synergy effects that stem from close ties between Xilence GmbH and the Listan Group. This has allowed for simplified processes and further cost reductions — which are primarily beneficial to the customers.

For more information on Xilence products: www.xilence.de

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Performance C coolers - images [ZIP, 1.1 MB]

Performance C coolers - datasheet [ZIP, 2.8 MB]

Performance A power supplies - images [ZIP, 3.7 MB]

Performance A power supplies - datasheet  [PDF, 400 KB]

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Xilence Technology is a manufacturer of components for cooling, performance improvement and noise reduction in PCs.

Since its founding, Xilence has made a name for itself with silent PC power supply units and case fans. Today`s range of products consists of silent and cool cases, CPU/GPU/Chipset and case fans, power supply units and a variety of further components.

Xilence products target users who want to make their PC´s quieter, more efficient and reliable. Xilence products distinguish themselves through their excellent price-performance ration

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