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RGB Revolution: evnbetter #1 LightControl, xcd 3 Wideline, xcd 2 Slimline, and xcd 1 Baseline


High-quality and innovative lighting solutions for modern gaming PCs

Hannover, 16 September 2019 - evnbetter, the specialist in lighting and modding components, presents a new RGB solution consisting of a high-quality, high-performance LightControl unit and three different LED strip products. This allows for expandability and full, synchronous control of lighting components both inside and outside the computer. The plug-and-play concept makes it easy to add impressive and creative visual highlights to gaming desktops.

Development team with years of experience

Behind the brand name evnbetter we find a professional team with a high level of expertise, thanks to many years of experience in PC component development. The aim of the company is to create first-class products that stand out from the crowd and shine with high quality and innovative features. For this purpose, evnbetter relies on state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technology. In addition, all products are designed in Germany and subjected to strict quality control, so that buyers can rely on products of the highest quality and safety.

#1 LightControl as a powerful RGB controller

evnbetter enters the market with an innovative RGB solution. At the heart of this solution we find the #1 LightControl. This is an illuminated 4-button controller with a 32-bit high-end microprocessor with two ports that each support 144 digital-RGB LEDs, or a maximum strip length of 3.6 meters per port. The 40x40-millimeter controller has a matt black PCB and transparent buttons for a sleek look. Thanks to an integrated magnet and rubber back, the #1 LightControl can be gently attached to any case or compatible metal surface. A single sleeved multi-cable can be cleanly routed into the back of the PC via an included slot cover, preventing unnecessary cables on the desk. In addition, the controller has another connector for RGB LED strips outside the computer.

Easy operation and RGB synchronization

The multifunctional, intuitive control unit allows easy operation of the connected flexible RGB LED strips. Light strips can be placed in the PC, on the back of the monitor, on or behind the desk or even on the wall: the only limit to upgrading your gaming PC is your own creativity. The #1 LightControl can also be connected to an RGB-compatible motherboard, which makes it easy to synchronize the entire setup at the touch of a button.

Many effects and built-in microphone

The #1 LightControl offers plenty of extraordinary features: at the touch of a button, users can quickly choose between 15 light modes, 12 predefined colors as well as five brightness and speed levels. Users can also pick any color from the entire RGB color spectrum. In addition, evnbetter has integrated a high-sensitivity microphone that picks up sounds or music from the environment and converts it into lighting effects.

xcd 3 Wideline: Premium LED strips for dot-free lighting

evnbetter offers three different RGB LED strips at market launch. The xcd 3 Wideline is its flagship model. Thanks to in-house developed evnLight technology, this model offers dot-free lighting (diffuse light with homogeneous distribution). You no longer need to hide this strip, which allows glare-free effects as well as creative lighting designs, such as characters on the wall. Installation is extremely easy thanks to included aluminum clips which allow the xcd 3 Wideline to be either glued or screwed to its desired spot.

xcd 2 Slimline: Narrow solution for glare-free effects

Similar to the xcd 3 Wideline, the xcd 2 Slimline also offers a homogeneous light distribution for glare-free effects. This model is also highly flexible, can be bent lengthwise, and has a narrow width of just six millimeters. This makes the xcd 2 Slimline even easier to install and more discreet. As with the xcd 3 Wideline, securing is also done with aluminum clips.

xcd 1 Baseline: Optimal solution for the PC interior

The xcd 1 Baseline is designed as a high-quality solution for the PC interior. The flexible digital RGB strips are equipped with individually addressable LEDs that provide brilliant colors and a high brightness. The strips have magnets for convenient mounting to metallic surfaces, and evnbetter also includes metal plates with adhesive strips to attach the strips to non-magnetic surfaces.

Various sets and individual accessories

Three starter sets are offered, each consisting of the #1 LightControl and two 45-centimeter-long versions of the xcd 1 Baseline, xcd 2 Slimline, or xcd 3 Wideline. The RGB LED strips are also available separately in lengths of 30, 45, or 60 centimeters (all versions) or 180 centimeters (xcd 2 Slimline, xcd 3 Wideline). The starter sets and the individual strips are available on Amazon and Alternate.

Pricing Starter sets
#1.01 LightControl Baseline 45: €29.90
#1.02 LightControl Slimline 45: €39.90
#1.03 LightControl Wideline 45: €45.90
  xcd 1 Baseline
xcd 1.01 Baseline 30: €19.90
xcd 1.02 Baseline 45: €24.90
xcd 1.03 Baseline 60: €29.90
  xcd 2 Slimline
xcd 2.01 Slimline 30: €25.90
xcd 2.02 Slimline 45: €32.90
xcd 2.03 Slimline 60: €39.90
xcd 2.04 Slimline 180: €49.90
  xcd 3 Wideline
xcd 3.01 Wideline 30: €32.90
xcd 3.02 Wideline 45: €39.90
xcd 3.03 Wideline 60: €49.90
xcd 3.04 Wideline 180: €59.90  


#1.01 LightControl Baseline 45 Bilderpaket [ZIP, 7.5 MB]
#1.01 LightControl Baseline 45 Datenblatt [PDF, 694 KB]

#1.02 LightControl Slimline 45 Bilderpaket [ZIP, 6.9 MB]
#1.02 LightControl Slimline 45 Datenblatt [PDF, 648 KB]

#1.03 LightControl Wideline 45 Bilderpaket [ZIP, 6.6 MB]
#1.03 LightControl Wideline 45 Datenblatt [PDF, 776 KB]

xcd 1 Baseline Bilderpaket [ZIP, 11.7 MB]
xcd 1 Baseline Datenblatt [PDF, 482 KB]

xcd 2 Slimline Bilderpaket [ZIP, 10.4 MB]
xcd 2 Slimline Datenblatt [PDF, 644 KB]

xcd 3 Wideline Bilderpaket [ZIP, 13.0 MB]
xcd 3 Wideline Datenblatt [PDF, 624 KB]

Press contact

Holger Dassler

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Darko Basic

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About evnbetter

evnbetter GmbH, based in Hanover (Germany), is a brand for high-quality and innovative computer components for gaming, lighting and modding. The products are designed in Germany and stand out with their unique design and quality of the highest possible degree. evnbetter employs cutting-edge, modern materials and manufacturing technology. The team behind the brand has several years of experience in the IT sector and has a sharp eye for detail and trend-setting solutions for the market.

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