Buffalo TeraStation™ 6000 with advanced Snapshot feature and iSCSI Volume Backup

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Buffalo TeraStation™ 6000 with advanced Snapshot feature and iSCSI Volume Backup


New and innovative network attached storage device with desktop and rackmount models for small and medium businesses

Hoofddorp – 27 August 2019. Buffalo EU B.V., a global provider of network attached storage (NAS), USB storage, wired and wireless networking solutions, introduces the NAS range TeraStation 6000. It comes equipped with 8 GB ECC memory and a 1.5GHz Intel Atom® C3338 processor for the 2-bay desktop version and a 2.1GHz Intel Atom C3538 CPU for the 4-bay desktop and rackmount designs. With storage options from 4 TB to 32 TB, as well as a 10 GbE network port and two 1 GbE ports, the TeraStation 6000 range is perfectly suited to cater to the needs of small and medium enterprises. On top of its powerful hardware, this new NAS sets itself apart with its Snapshot and iSCSI Volume Backup features

Snapshot: Data-efficient version control and backup solution

The Snapshot feature takes images of the current data and creates restore points at fixed intervals. Backed up data is stored incrementally and in block units, so that each Snapshot captures the difference from the previous one, instead of backing up the full data each time. This results in an efficient use of storage space and allows for a high backup frequency. The feature enables the restoring of files that were accidentally deleted or altered. Microsoft® Windows® clients can even restore a Snapshot from the property window of their folder. Snapshot can also help safeguard against cyberattacks, such as ransomware file encryption, because Snapshot images are usually more up to date than full backups. Buffalo Snapshot does not replace a company’s backup strategy to an external hard drive or NAS via failover, but supplements the procedure with more restore points and less hassle when a file needs to be restored. If the failover backup is saved to another TeraStation 6000 device, the backup time can be shorted by using incremental block units as well.

iSCSI Volume Backup: NAS-to-NAS backups for reduced load on main servers

Server backups place high loads on the main machine as it needs to simultaneously execute its primary tasks at high speed as well as data backups to one or more network attached storage devices. If the storage of a virtualised machine is outsourced to a TeraStation 6000 NAS via iSCSI volume, the data backup can be executed directly from the NAS to a second TeraStation 6000 device without having to shut down server operations and interrupting the business. NAS-to-NAS backup heavily reduces the load on the processor, memory and network of the server machine. If VMWare vCenter® is deployed on a virtual machine, iSCSI Volume Backup can also be combined with the Snapshot Agent for TeraStation service to manage timings for data backups on virtual machines and to reduce overall downtime.

Extensive feature set

The Buffalo TeraStation 6000 series is specifically designed to handle concurrent workloads from multiple servers or clients. To ensure data integrity, the NAS device is equipped with server-grade hard drives and ECC RAM, which is able to correct a certain number of errors at memory level. In case of a faulty firmware, a duplex firmware in the NAND flash will automatically repair the missing or incorrect sequences, preventing system shutdown and ensuring long-term stable operation. Another security feature is the duplication of file metadata, which can prevent file loss and data corruption or bad sectors. To avoid accidental data loss when rewriting data, the copy-on-write feature kicks in. Old data is not overwritten during the copy process, but is deleted after the process is completed. And last but not least, businesses that do not have a 10GbE-environment for their client PCs can still benefit from the 10GbE-port of the TeraStation 6000: by connecting the network switch to the 10GbE-port, the data transfer from 10 simultaneous clients on a 1GbE-connection is almost twice as fast when compared to accessing the NAS over its 1GbE-port.

The TeraStation 6000 series is available fully populated with two hard drive bays as desktop variant and with four bays as desktop or server rack mounted variant. Three models are available:

TeraStation 6200DN – 2 bays – hard drives included
Desktop NAS, fully populated, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID 0/1
TS6200DN0402-EU: 4TB - £850 incl. VAT
TS6200DN0802-EU: 8TB - £980 incl. VAT

TeraStation 6400DN – 4 bays – hard drives included
Desktop NAS, fully populated, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID 0/1/5/6/10
TS6400DN0804-EU: 8TB - £1,280 incl. VAT
TS6400DN1604-EU: 16TB - £1,600 incl. VAT 
TS6400DN3204-EU: 32TB - £2,450 incl. VAT

TeraStation 6400RN – 4 bays – hard drives included
Rackmount NAS, fully populated, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID 0/1/5/6/10
TS6400RN1604-EU: 16TB - £1,850 incl. VAT
TS6400RN3204-EU: 32TB - £2,750 incl. VAT


TeraStation 6200DN TeraStation 6400DN TeraStation 6400RN

Press material

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Xander Hoose

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BUFFALO is a global manufacturer of innovative storage and networking products for the home and small business. The company's range of solutions includes cost-effective and secure network attached storage (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, 10GbE switches, optical drives and wireless LAN routers, which together offer a complete and integrated solution for companies and the digital home.

At the core of BUFFALO's product portfolio stand the TeraStation NAS devices which are specifically designed to bring Enterprise storage to the SMB and comprise a wide range of solutions from 2-bay desktop NAS for the home office to 12-bay rackmount models for medium sized and growing companies. LinkStation NAS are the ideal centre of the digital home and offer private users an easy way to store, centralise, access and share their files.

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