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Buffalo announces TeraStation™ 3020 NAS for small and medium enterprises


Successor to TeraStation 3010 series features upgraded CPU, faster network port, and higher storage options

Hoofddorp – 17 September 2019. Buffalo EU B.V., a global provider of network attached storage (NAS), USB storage, wired and wireless networking solutions, introduces the TeraStation™ 3020 network attached storage series. This successor to the TeraStation 3010 series offers more computing power thanks to a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, a faster 2.5 GbE network port, and higher capacity options (up to 32 TB). The TeraStation 3020 is available in two-bay and four-bay desktop models, with a four-bay rackmount model completing the product lineup. A partially populated version is available for the 4-bay desktop and rackmount NAS with two 8TB drives, while all other versions come fully populated. The TeraStation 3020 NAS series is designed to meet the needs of small offices, agencies, freelancers, and any small and medium businesses that require fast data transfer, reliable hardware, and secure storage at a cost-effective price.

Powerful and reliable hardware

Thanks to a 1.4GHz Annapurna Labs Alpine AL214 quad-core CPU, TeraStation 3020 models are up to 1.7 times faster than their predecessors. Assuming the NAS is installed in a compatible network environment with at least 2.5 GbE (NBASE-T or IEE 802.3bz), backup times can be reduced significantly. Additionally, the ethernet ports (1x 2.5 GbE, 1x 1 GbE) support trunking for faster response times. The TeraStation 3020 series does not just feature faster computing and network components, but also higher storage options. While the previous model used NAS-grade hard drives with up to 4 terabytes of storage each, the new TeraStation 3020 product range adds storage options with up to four 8TB drives for a total maximum storage of 32 terabytes. All models are equipped with pre-tested, ready-to-use NAS-grade hard drives, configured in a RAID array, making the setup process as easy as possible and reducing the chance of drive errors. The setup of the NAS does not require any prior registration, which reduces the configuration time further.

Modern firmware with hybrid cloud support

TeraStation 3020 supports synchronisation with the most popular cloud storage services, like Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive and Azure. Synchronisation intervals can be configured for selected folders in the intuitive admin panel, to give users full control which data is uploaded to the cloud as well as stored locally. The user-friendly interface also allows to set up iSCSI targets and to schedule backup services.

State-of-the-art security

With support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD, hard drive hot-swap, as well as rsync and replication, the NAS models offer advanced features to prevent data loss. If the firmware is corrupted the NAS will boot from a duplex firmware and in the rare case of a hard drive failure, Buffalo offers a fast replacement service as part of its VIP service program (free for the first three years and extendable to up to five years). All data on the drives can be encrypted to prevent theft and TeraStation 3020 users can also enable the ‘boot authentication’ feature, which makes sure that data is only accessible on authorised networks. On top of that, the operating system is closed and does not allow installation of unauthorized software, making the device more secure against malicious software. The front panel door of the NAS device is locked with a key and an anti-theft security slot allows the device to be secured with a cable.

The TeraStation 3020 series is available in fully populated desktop models with two hard drives, partially or fully populated desktop models with four drive slots, and as a partially or fully populated server rack mounted model with four hard drive slots:

TeraStation 3220DN – 2 bays – hard drives included
Desktop NAS, fully populated with 2x 1TB, 2x 2TB or 2x 4TB, 1x2.5GbE, 1x1GbE, RAID 0/1, JBOD
TS3220DN0202-EU: 2TB - £409 incl. VAT
TS3220DN0402-EU: 4TB - £489 incl. VAT
TS3220DN0802-EU: 8TB - £639 incl. VAT

TeraStation 3420DN – 4 bays – hard drives included
Desktop NAS, fully populated with 4x 1TB, 4x 2TB, 4x 4TB or 4x 8TB, 1x2.5GbE, 1x1Gb, RAID 0/1/5/6/10, JBOD
TS3420DN0404-EU: 4TB - £665 incl. VAT
TS3420DN0804-EU: 8TB - £739 incl. VAT
TS3420DN1604-EU: 16TB - £1,039 incl. VAT
TS3420DN3204-EU: 32TB - £1,769 incl. VAT

TeraStation 3420DN – 4 bays – partially populated
Desktop NAS, partially populated with 2x 8TB, 1x2.5GbE, 1x1GbE, RAID 0/1/5/6/10, JBOD
TS3420DN1602-EU: 16TB - £1,019 incl. VAT

TeraStation 3420RN – 4 bays – hard drives included
Rackmount NAS, fully populated with 4x 1TB, 4x 2TB, 4x 4TB or 4x 8TB, 1x2.5GbE, 1x1Gb, RAID 0/1/5/6/10, JBOD
TS3420RN0404-EU: 4TB - £869 incl. VAT
TS3420RN0804-EU: 8TB - £975 incl. VAT
TS3420RN1604-EU: 16TB - £1,239 incl. VAT
TS3420RN3204-EU: 32TB - £1,949 incl. VAT

TeraStation 3420RN – 4 bays – partially populated
Rackmount NAS, partially populated with 2x 8TB, 1x2.5GbE, 1x1GbE, RAID 0/1/5/6/10, JBOD
TS3420RN1602-EU: 16TB - £1,219 incl. VAT


TeraStation 3220DN TeraStation 3420DN TeraStation 3420RN

Press material

Image Pack Buffalo TeraStation 3020 [ZIP, 33.3 MB) Datasheet Buffalo TeraStation 3020 [PDF, 1.05 MB] Press contact

Xander Hoose

Phone: +31 20 808 10 71
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BUFFALO is a global manufacturer of innovative storage and networking products for the home and small business. The company's range of solutions includes cost-effective and secure network attached storage (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, 10GbE switches, optical drives and wireless LAN routers, which together offer a complete and integrated solution for companies and the digital home.

At the core of BUFFALO's product portfolio stand the TeraStation NAS devices which are specifically designed to bring Enterprise storage to the SMB and comprise a wide range of solutions from 2-bay desktop NAS for the home office to 12-bay rackmount models for medium sized and growing companies. LinkStation NAS are the ideal centre of the digital home and offer private users an easy way to store, centralise, access and share their files.

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