Alphacool Eisdecke: New pump caps for a stunning look

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Alphacool Eisdecke


New pump caps for a stunning look

Braunschweig, 18 December 2018 – Alphacool, the specialist in PC water cooling, introduces its new Eisdecken series of caps for various pump models. These caps are available in several different materials and the plexiglass versions are even available with addressable RGB lighting. The Eisdecken caps feature patented screw plugs and extremely flexible installation options, giving system integrators and modders a modern look for their water-cooled PCs as well as enabling more customization options.

Available in different materials

The new pump caps are available in two different versions: the Messing-models feature a housing that’s completely made of a brass copper alloy and that has a very high material thickness, which almost completely prevents pump noise and vibration. These are ideal when building a silent system. In addition, the metal ensures a longer lifespan of the pumps, as optimal heat dissipation is guaranteed.

The Plexi-models are made of sturdy, transparent plexiglass. Combined with a pre-assembled RGB LED lighting strip, these caps have a very modern look. The light strip is easy to remove so it can be replaced in case of a defect. It is possible to connect the LED strip to a compatible motherboard port to synchronize the RGB lighting of the entire system.

For D5 and DDC pumps, both Messing and Plexi models are available in single and dual variants. For DC-LT pumps the only available option is the dual Plexi variant with RGB.

Flexible assembly options with decoupling

In the box of the cap you’ll always find a bracket to connect the pump-cap-combinations under different angles. That means components don’t have to assembled at regular 90-degree angles but could also be assembled at (for example) 45-degree angles. Add to that numerous screw and oblong holes and the result is an unprecedented flexibility during installation, allowing the construction of unique and customized liquid cooled systems.

Novel, patented screw plugs included

Also included in the Eisdecken packaging are decoupling parts to prevent unwanted pump vibrations to be transferred to the case. Also included are new patent-pending screw plugs, which now sit flush with the caps and close unused G-1/4-inch threads. Alphacool is currently the only company on the market able to offer such a clean look.

Extensive pump compatibility

The Alphacool Eisdecken caps are compatible with the following pump models: Alphacool D5 (VPP655, VPP755, and all standard D5 Laing pumps), Alphacool DDC (DDC310 and all standard DDC Laing pumps) as well as the Alphacool DC-LT.

Pricing and availability

The pump attachments are now available in Aquatuning's online store. The manufacturer suggested retail prices are as follows:

Eisdecken for Alphacool D5 Series:
• Single Messing Top: £81.49
• Single Plexi Top with RGB: £40.66
• Dual Messing Top: £117.79
• Dual Plexi Top with RGB: £63.35

Eisdecken for Alphacool DDC Series:
• Single Messing Top: £45.19
• Single Plexi Top with RGB: £27.04
• Dual Messing Top: £81.49
• Dual Plexi Top with RGB: £45.19

Eisdecken for Alphacool DC-LT:
• Dual Plexi Top with RGB: £31.67

Alphacool is happy to provide these and other products in its water-cooling range for review or project purposes (e.g. test platforms, overclocking setups, system builds). Please request samples by e-mailing



Alphacool Eisdecken Image Pack [ZIP, 16.7 MB]
Alphacool Eisdecken Datasheet [PDF, 120 KB]
Alphacool Eisdecken Product Overview [Link,]

Press contact

Friedrich Stiemer

Phone: +49 9804 88 290 01
Cell: +49 151 676 356 12


Dave Alcock

Phone: +49 5207 95 84 60 11
Cell: +44 7795 140409

About Alphacool

Alphacool was founded in 2003 in Braunschweig, Germany. The aim was to develop and market high-quality water cooling products. In the same year Alphacool actually released the best CPU cooler to date called Alpha 1, which led to the breakthrough of the company. Since 2010, the manufacturer has been trading under the name Alphacool International GmbH, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aquatuning GmbH. Product development continues to take place from Braunschweig with a total of over 80 employees. Alphacool now offers the world's largest portfolio of water cooling products - not only for the end consumer, but also on a large scale for the industry. Alphacool's products always combine maximum efficiency, highest quality and exemplary performance in a first-class design.

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