Social Media Kickoff: Nighthawk Pro Gaming Launch in France

Netgear is a global producer of networking hardware, ranging from routers to switches on consumer and professional levels. The company’s latest jump is into the gaming market, launching a new series of gamer-centric products under the Nighthawk Pro Gaming line.

This required an appropriate launch strategy for different regions to successfully disrupt the local markets. Merely promoting the new gaming-oriented products through the existing social media channels was not going to be good enough, so we launched the all-new Nighthawk Pro Gaming social media channels in France to help the Nighthawk line acquire a high level of brand awareness within a short timespan.


Rather than integrating Netgear’s corporate identity in the new communication channels, we used a user-centric approach, basing the social media content on their wants and needs as well as the brand identity of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming product line.

  • We used our knowledge of the local market, with deep insights in the gaming community to craft appropriate content for the social media pages
  • We launched Facebook and Twitter pages with a focus on the gaming products, which were to run separate from the standard consumer channels.
  • Active user engagement tactics were used to draw extra attention to the social media pages and encourage ‘following’ or ‘liking’ the pages.
  • Cooperation with French e-tailer allowed us to organize a raffle to further encourage users to join the social media pages.
  • Our primary focus on the social media pages was to promote the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router.


  • Within two weeks the Facebook page gathered over 5,000 fans
  • Within the same two weeks we gathered almost 3,000 followers on Twitter
  • 100 percent organic growth: the created audience is genuine and earned, with no money spent on Facebook ads or other advertising services that would artificially drive interest




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