Launching Something Different: be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

be quiet! is a leading power supply and cooling manufacturer, who entered the market for PC enclosures in 2014. Having successfully run its first chassis, the Silent Base 800, it was time to introduce a flagship product: The Dark Base Pro 900. This chassis was designed from the ground up, with heaps of new features never seen before in a PC case, making it unlike any other product on the market.

Our task was to successfully launch the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900, ensuring that editors knew the unique qualities that distinguish the German enclosure from the masses – only sending out a press release with a reviewer’s guide would be wasted potential.


For the launch of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 we composed a powerful introduction program, managing all aspects of the product launch whilst closely consulting with the client.
  • Two-Day Launch Event: We organized a two-day launch event where press and journalists from Germany attended one day, with the rest of Europe attending another to learn all about the Dark Base Pro 900
  • Consulted closely with client to find a date when most tech journalists would be available, based on competing events in the industry. We also consulted the client on launch trajectories, ensuring the product launch did not coincide with launches from competitors
  • Closely cooperated with the client on product design, to ensure the product fits the needs of today’s competitive market
  • Location scouting: We found a location with a classic old British theme, offering a beautiful contrast between the classic location with a modern, hi-tech PC enclosure
  • Event management: organized all the hotel rooms, flights for client and journalists invited, catering at the event, and more.
  • Instead of only making the arrangements, we also hosted the event, holding the product presentations, educating the editors about the product, and answering all press questions without the need for client involvement
  • Press attendees allowed to write or show basic coverage some time prior to the review embargo, leading to enormous pre-launch coverage and attention


  • Over 30 positive reviews from Tier-A media within 2 weeks of the NDA, with over 20 awards.
  • Countless news articles along with the launch
  • HardwareCanucks declared it ‘Case of the Year’ on YouTube with over 700,000 views
  • Tons of product discussions from enthusiasts in forums.
  • Featured in 167 in-depth reviews and roundups.
  • Totaled 68 awards
Dark Base Pro 900 is a highly complex product and requires special attention get across its full capabilities. To handle the launch event for our flagship PC chassis, we turned to our long-term PR partner technikPR and relied on them to make sure the most important editors from Europe attended. The work of Aaron and his team resulted in enormous press coverage all over Europe. Because technikPR took care of the launch event, we were able to focus on what is really important to our customers: Creating the next great product.
Stanislav Minkin, be quiet! General Manager




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