Angelbird products available through B&H, NCIX and RAMCITY

Brand new SSD2go pocket is already purchasable at all three stores

Lustenau, September 23rd, 2014: Angelbird Technologies, Austria’s premium manufacturer of SSD storage media, is happy to announce that it's products are now available at NCIX, B&H and RAMCITY - three of the most prolific technology retailers in the world.

"We are more than happy to work together with our partners, B&H in the USA, NCIX in Canada and the USA as well as RAMCITY in Australia and the USA. All three shops have proven their expertise on technology products for a long time and are well trusted by their customers," said Roman Rabitsch, CEO of Angelbird.

B&H as well as NCIX and RAMCITY sell a broad variety of the Angelbird products. Of course the brand new SSD2go pocket is already purchasable in all stores. The SSD2go pocket is currently available in capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB. Customers may choose from Silver, Blue, Black and Red in all capacities as well.

All Angelbird products at B&H are available here.
All Angelbird products at RAMCITY are available here.
All Angelbird products at NCIX are available here.

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About Angelbird

Angelbird Technologies GmbH is a hi-tech company based in the Austrian region Vorarlberg. "Made in Austria": Angelbird handles all stages of development and manufacture of its products in-house. Highest quality and performance are the major objectives for all Angelbird products. The team behind Angelbird is young, experienced and passionate, with a love for quality and attention to detail.